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Hailing from Manchester and put together in the early 80’s by Graeme Wood and Alan Harter, our first incarnation cut two singles with ex Sam Thunder vocalist Tex Alexander, before settling on the definitive line up of Noel Fraser, Graeme Wood, Alan Harter, Andy Davies and Dave Hellon. It was this line-up that recorded our near legendary white Label album which in 2013 was finally named ‘Through the Ages’.  Later down the Line the fantastic Karen Sambrook (Elli Luha) joined us on vocal duties and recorded some additional tracks for the re-released Album, Noel moved on to the awesome A.O.K and had great success.

Well it’s been 38+ years since we played together and our limited edition album was issued.  We’ve decided to reform and take our songs back on the road in 2025. But due to losing our very dear friend and Guitarist Graeme Wood to cancer, our Bass Player Alan Harter living in New Zealand and a few other issues we have put a new line-up together, we hope you like the new look and sound of the band.

New line-up:


Anthony Rushworth (Ant) – Vocals

Elli Luha – Vocals (Karen Sambrook)(selected shows)

Geoff Potts – Keyboards/ Backing Vocals

Andy Davies – Drum/ Backing Vocals

Andy Jackson – Guitar/ Backing Vocals

Pete Goodall – Rhythm Guitar

Paul Andrew Chorlton – Bass Guitar

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